FAQ: The most common questions at a glance:

What do I have to consider when planning the electrical installation?

The cable diameters must match the power consumption. See technical data fasel-gmbh.de. Talk to your electrical specialist during the planning phase.

What is the maximum length of cable for a design keyboard, interior display, etc.?

The maximum length is 100 metres when using a cable of type AWG26, CAT5.

Which electric stoves can be connected?

All electric stoves with 3 ph 400 V STAR connection and 9 KW power can be operated directly through the sauna control unit. A suitable extension power unit must be used for all electric stoves with loads higher than 9 KW.

Cabin light – what kind of lights can be dimmed?

All dimmable 230 V lights. Iron core or electronic transformers suitable for phase control must be used with lights designed for low voltages. Alternatively a dimmer can be connected with a control voltage of 0 V to 10 V.

Can the heating time be set to more than 6 hours?

Yes, the heating time can be approved or set to max. 20 hours. Current VDE guidelines have to be respected in the process.

Does the control unit have a child lock or are the basic settings PIN protected?

The control unit has a keylock through which individual keys or all keys can be locked. Basic settings in the service or configuration menus can only be adjusted or changed after entering a PIN number.

Can I save power with the control unit even during active operation?

There is an option to fit the control unit with energy-saving programmes or performance optimisation.

How do I achieve overheating protection / fire prevention when several sauna stoves are in operation in one sauna cabin?

By installing a stove sensor above every stove and connecting all safety temperature limiters (STB) in series. The important thing here is to install the stove sensor for which the temperature sensor is connected to the control unit, above the stove with the greatest heating power (only one temperature sensor can be connected).

Is it possible to operate the control unit through a smartphone, tablet or computer?

Yes. with our control units from the FamilyLine and ProfiLine series and using Web-Control, you can operate the control unit through your standard browser installed on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Is there an option to connect the control units with the house control system?

Answer 1: You would like to switch on the sauna or steam bath control through your house control system (building management system) or receive a report, e.g. that the sauna is ready to use? Our options boards with potential-free inputs and outputs and a large selection of option programmes give you numerous options. Alternatively you can also obtain options boards with 230 V relays.

Answer 2: You have a home server and you would like to operate the sauna or steam bath controls from your control panel? Your wish can be fulfilled with our control units from the FamilyLine or ProfiLine series and Web-Control.

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